Monday, April 12, 2010

What's on this week

Swim and run mon/wed/fri and bike the other two days day off on Sat and the week is over, that's the good thing of having the weeks start on the Sunday, it's shorter, easier and you always realize a day after!. There is also some good news about race day and founraisers so watch this space.
It was a bit nippy this morning. We’re still in the plan B pool and it looks like they forgot to turn on the heaters over the weekend. After the first 40 lengths we kind of got going. It doesn’t cease to amaze me what a positive impact a good morning swim has in the day. We drove longer to get to work, and we were a bit hungry but still a huge smile in our faces. That’s is priceless.
I also got a letter from Budapest. I’ve been emailing people from clubs to try and get a home stay, and fingers crossed, I’ve found some helpful hands in there (and in English) who may help with accommodation on the week of the race. hopefully it will all work well for them and for Nat and I.
The workouts:
Date: 12 Apr
Sport: Swim  /// Run
Time: 60min  /// 60min
Distance: 3.2km  /// 'bout 7km
Comment: cold pool,good fun   /// killer core and strength circuit, I'm sore everywhere! I wonder if Bevan Docherty does this kind of stuff.

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