Monday, April 19, 2010

Triathlon legends #2

We’re back to the indoor pool!, a bit less room, but it’s only 4 minutes drive from home, so I get to sleep more. This week brings: swim/bike/run/gym/road race. Movie tickets are not selling very fast so please please please!!!, give us a hand! : )
This guy came to NZ in a ship, during the era that it was the most common thing to come to NZ in a ship. Aparently he’s also a good footballer among other sporting talents. We met in a tri camp we were doing some two years ago, I was on the way to do my first half and he was on the way back to triathlon, trying to qualify for worlds as a way to celebrate his 60th anniversary. We both achieved our objectives (he did well at worlds and I finished my first half)
He’s also part of the infamous TACT squad and a very handy runner at times. and this is the start of the third season as training pals. Yesterday he accomplished something pretty special, by breaking the 70minutes barrier on a sprint distance tri. It's amazing how at ove sixty years of age he is way lot better than he was back in the early 80's when he did the prehistoric triathlon races.
Ro is also a funny guy, giving us tips on what not to do when doing triathlons, here, for example, is him not taking a 90degree turn (look at the expectator's faces!), ha ha ha… Thanks Ro!
We're also saying goodbye to the Auckland Domain as a training venue for about 6 months, it's getting pretty dark and there is no lighting in one of the City's premier parks.... Shame on you Auckland City Council! Training wise this is what the day brought:
Date: 19 April
Sport: Swim /// Run
Time: 60min /// 60min
Distance: 3.3km /// 8km?
Comment: with the introduction of ARM paddles (photos soon) /// drills and speed

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