Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Train from home?

New tecnologies have changed the way I work, and it's helped a lot in maintaining the work/life balance, that is great, however it's funny how the same does not happen when we talk training. If I'd win the lotto and had a velodrome, a 25m heated pool and a 400m track at my disposal I would still prefer NOT to TRAIN FROM HOME, going out is good, even to a sweaty old gym, even in bad weather. I cannot get my head around to do any training at home (even core strength or yoga). Unfortunately, some times we all have to stay home.
Clouds are looming around Auckland's skies and you can smell rain in the air. It just a matter of hours. Rain equals more indoor training sessions during the week which equals boredom. I'm lucky to go to some organized sessions once a week, but some days I just can't make it and doing them at home has been always a tedious task.
I may have to try to put the tv on or something on the computer that may make it more pallatable. But what a struggle!. So if you are reading this post and have the secret to whithstand more than 1 hour on your indoor trainer please let me know.
as for the workouts, we're still guinea pigging, so here's my lab session (this is top secret stuff)
Date: 13 Apr.
Sport: Bike (trainer)
Time: 1hr
Distance: n/a
Comment: warm up and 5x 5min@310watt-3min@100watt  and then warm down

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  1. I feel your pain! I have tried movies, music, bugging my wife, going harder, day dreaming! it all lstill sucks! 70 minutes dseems to be my point where I go crazy! Good luck!