Friday, April 23, 2010

The diary

On the first post I asked myself why to blog, and one of the reasons is that this feels as a continuation of my other log that I have sitting next to me in the office, where I write my training sessions.
Then I realize we also have our family diary with Nat (on its second year going) and and the office diary I carry with me, plus I’ve got my own little one that also carry most days And the pieces of paper that populate pockets and tables.
Reflecting on it, it is a bit over the top to have so many physical supports to store information with all the new technologies available to do it for me, but i guess it's part of who I am and overall I reckon I am good at keeping good records, I am still to find what to do with them. As an exercise I went back to the same date last year and I found:
Nat and Valen's diary: no items for the day or the week.

Training Diary: midday swim 2.8km (3x150 wu + 6x200 as 150easy50 fast 10sec RI + 400 P/PB + 4x100m on 125 + 4x50 + 200 WD.
Office Diary: nothing (it was stolen from my car some time in october) but going through the computer calendar it appeared to be a pretty cruizy day.
In the year between now and then what has changed?

1- I have a goal
2- I am working towards that goal with my more structured programme (hence the base training)
3- I am putting myself out there via this public log and really sweating my butt to get to Hungary.
Am I a better athlete?
Perhaps, but surely I am a bit more orientated towards achieving and therefore the energy is being driven more steadily to that achievement, and I hope that when I do this excercise in a years time I can rely on all those records to build a picture of where I was.

Back to real life, today we had arm paddles again, attached is a photo of them. They are bloody big and they make your tumble turns quite a challenge, but after 200m and taking them off, the feeling is that you are flying through the water... I'll explain them on the next post.

Date: 23 Apr
Sport: swim /// run
Time: 1rh /// 50 min
Dist: 3.6km /// 11.5km


  1. V, keep blogging, I'm enjoying it and cheering from the sidelines.


  2. keep blogging, you will inspire us new people to keep pushing! those are some crazy paddles, holy smokes, I'll bet you feel like you are flying when yo take them off!

  3. thanks guys...
    I'm a new triathlete as well