Friday, April 30, 2010

The day that was

To complete my day and my week I needed to be up to date with the latest workouts so far. The week was pretty busy trying to catch up at work and at training, which made planning a bit stressful.
But I got there in the end. Tomorrow is my day off and I can take it happy that I've ticked all the boxes as a bit more.
We are in week 4 and it was time for a little balance(thanks John for the idea):
Mind:  I am mentally in great shape, no stress interfering with my training and the motivation exists to keep working towards the goal (Did I say I'd be stoked to be in the top 10/20 at worlds?). I think this blog is part of that commitment and a good way to keep myself honest. Bring it on New Zealand winter!

Body: there hasnt' been any hiccup, coping OK with the increased pressure in the shoulder at swimming, the legs are not the fastest ones, but they recover quite well from the strength workouts and bike races. A little belly is growing which keeps me worried but I shall control it.

Soul: the body is there, the mind is there, I am fully there and my dear wife is with me. So I sleep great most nights.

Wallet: thanks to a lot of people that supported me and my mates, and other friends pitching in I'm 100% sure today that I'll be in Budapest only thinking in being the best I can for the race.

Everything is part of a virutuous circle that is moving things upwards, which I am loving today. I will soon start using my heart rate monitor and add some more detail to the workouts log. If I get the technology I think I may even have a direct link!.

Date:  30 Apr
Sport: Swim /// Run
Time: 60min /// 80min
Dist: 2.5 km /// 14.5km
Comment: lotsa drills /// western bays run


  1. good momemtum and good attitude! LOVE IT! it can only help get you to Budapest in fighting form! have a good rest day! Cheers

  2. yeah... it's all in the making