Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why is it over so soon?

I'm done. The race finished. At the moment I've got a mix of emotion, not all of them good.

I did a time of 1.59.24 that got me the 40th accross the line.

I'm a bit bummed with my swim and my run, but I guess I'll leave it settle for a couple of hours and post my race report then.

Thanks to everyone following I did draw on many of your words while racing.

See you soon!


  1. Mate, I am sure on a good day you would have finished a few places ahead but still, sub 2 hours, that is a great result !!! Well done! This is your first W.C too. You should be proud of yourself. C'mon boy, we want to see you do the mighty Haka. Jeremy

  2. Sub 2 hours. Tis good, man. I'm stoked for you. Can't wait to read the long before you travel home?

  3. Hey, vos decis una hora, luego son dos, y el reloj decía 2,59... Me confunden todos, al fin ¿cuanto tardaste?, igual no influye para mí, pero ya nos dirás con detalles, los tus amigos son buenos, y para nos.también. Chau.Ma.

  4. Nice result! Looking forward to hearing about the race and your experience in general.

  5. Congratulations mate, nice result! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time over there now you can relax. Look forward to hearing your debreif!