Saturday, September 4, 2010

8 days to go - last night in my bed

I am so excited right now. It's eleven o'clock at night and I am not even tired. It's all the adrenaline of the packing and all the good things to come.

Today was a strange day. There was an earthquake on the South Island of NZ in the biggest city. Amazingly there weren't lives lost and most of the damage is to buildings. Christchurch is home to many of NZ toughest triathletes, many of the guys and girls in the team come from there and I hope they can all make it to Europe with no troubles.

Back to training news, we had our last brick session @ the pool and it was not that bad.

Until coach told us to get our bikes out and ride to a park nearby to do bike-run repeats. The park is a dead volcano that rises to about 90m above ground in the summit. Running there is a beauty, there's a farm being run from the park, and spring is lambing season, so it feels like trail running in the backcountry.

We were to do 2km bike lap, quick transition and run to the summit 3 times (about 1.5km). The bike was OK but a bit cold, I lost some time in transition and started my run trailing 10 seconds to my training buddies Carl and Martin. I never cought up. On the last 300m I heard a clapping noise and cheers with my name coming from a teahouse that sits in the sidewalk and there they were all the wives (including coachs') giving us the support we needed to finish the session.

It was all a setup by coach. There weren't bike run repeats after the first one and we all proceeded to have a winter-training farewell breakfast. I went for the muesli, but it proved to be the bad choice because Coach decided it was a good time to shout us a beer and we couldn't refuse.
Muesli and beer is champion's breakfast!

The rest of the day was packing, printing, ticking, talking and it just flew by. I wish I had time for a quick run, but it just didn't happen. Better luck next time.

We're up at half five tomorrow, so I better go and have some rest. It will be the last sleep in my own bed and I'm not gonna miss it. The bedroom has been so cold lately that even taking a 2pm siesta is a nightmare.
We're flying 10 hours to Brunei, then another 16 to London where we stop for a day. I shall be able to update our trips' progress.


  1. Great taper meal, tons of good stuff in there for you! Awesome it is time to get it done! You are going to have a great event! I learned yesterday that my massage therapists Mom is going to race in the event as well!
    Your coach rocks, bust your balls training for weeks and has the great sense to rewards you like he did yesterday! Stay healthy! and most of all have fun!

  2. do you know your bib number yet? Is there an athlete tracker? Anyway. an affiliate of one of our big networks is actually showing it on TV. Need a way to try and pick you out.