Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lagged and settled

OK. We made it back home after a furiously busy week of sightseing, catching up with mates, little sleep and amazing places. It's after 1 in the morning, so this is not going to be long, I need to adjust my body to the work and train routines again.Been so busy was not ideal for recovery, but I was not worried about upcoming events. It was all about Nat (and some reflection time in the spare time). We flew to London via Prague, train to south west UK, train to London, train to Paris, train to London again and flight to Dubai, Brunei and Auckland.
In the meantime I had little time to any negative thoghts and ample time to pan out where all this is going. What I want to do for next seeason.
In my evaluation of the race I found great things and some not so great. Among the good things I reckon that the preparation was excellent, both from the coaching perspective and from my execution and discipline. I managed to do everything by the book and the form I was in 2 weeks ago was the best I could had. It was also good to try a new bike and see the posibilities, there's plenty of room for improvement from just finding a good fitting bike.
The third good thing was been able to come with serious shit coming my way. This ranks in my bottom 3 triathlon races ever. On the other two I got a DNF and a 2.45.00 finish because I ran like a little miss. On this one I managed a PB and managed not to draw on the negative things. I even enjoyed the last 3km of the run which I ran in 10minutes and cheered up everybody that I went past.
Among the not so good stuff I rank the bike fitting as a major decider. The only reason for the seat to go down is that it was not properly tightened, and that is only my fault. Transitions and swim starts in the open water is something that I need to improve as well. And racing, I need more racing experience.
As I was thinking about all of this in bits and pieces I realized that I had invested a lot more than I thought in this race, both in dollars and in emotions, and not achieving my objectives was a real bummer. I guess having other races to relate to would give me some perspective, so next post will be a general outlook of what I've planned for the next season.
Thanks everyone for the support in the comments and the emails, it was really humbling.

Date: 20 Sept
Time: 60min
Sport: Running
Dist: 12.2km
Comment: recovery run


  1. chalk it up - experience.

    Way to push your self over the past months, and now look for a new beginning, new goals.

  2. Tremendamente duro y realista contigo mismo. Bien, si aún te quedan ganas de recriminarte, allá vos, y a comenzar de nuevo. ¡Come on...take care my son!