Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday Morning in London

It was a bloody long trip but luckily the body has not taken as much as a toll as I expected. I do miss going for a run or a swim but I know it may not happen. With such an ample window of time one thinks it will help sorting out  bits and pieces like a day to day schedule or catching up with revising my uni essay. 

But funnily, time has literally flew and I remember thinking about:

I've got to talk to Ben, the bike mechanic and thank him for helping out on short notice.
I've got to write about how to follow and track me online. 
And put all the plans A, B and C for the whole of the race. 

As I'm writing this the only thing I was able to do was the last one. 

Here's the race plan (and a bit of history)
The preparation has been clinical. Much to my pleasure everything seems to be where it should be in the three disciplines. I certainly have to thank the long hours of running and biking that have helped sustain the later intensity workouts. I've leaned up quite fast over the last weeks, so the weight shouldn't be an issue. I will probably have to make sure I eat the right thing and nothing better than to log it in my diary. 

The mental preparation is something I am not weak, but not super strong either. The past year has had very high highs and very low lows. It has given me perspective. I am doing this for me, because like it and whatever I do will stay with me for some time. It's kind of a backpack that I'll have on me. I've chose to take good things only. I think it will work.
Other that that I will reveal my race plans later in the week. 

That's all for the moment. I should run some sharp 1km reps and that'll be me for the day. 

keep rocking on your training and other stuff.


  1. When do you move on to Hungary? Have a good time in London, one of my favorite cities. So is Budapest, actually. Have an awesome trip, get me a Union Jack t-shirt. pls :)

  2. ¡Y fuiste nomás a Londres!, Cuando comenzaste a estudiar el idioma (10 años de edad) me dijiste que irías a perfeccionar la lengua al mismísimo Londres. Y allí estás, ahora acompañado. ¡Que persistencia la tuya! Chau, seguí disfrutando y mucha suerte. Ma.

  3. Have a great trip, sounds like you are on target with diet and travel recovery...you got this! hit that goal!

  4. Sounds like you are ready. Enjoy London.