Friday, September 10, 2010

2 days to go - out and about

One of the dangers of this kind of events is loosing the balance between the need to rest and build up for the race, the many things to see and do and the many other things that one MUST do.

Yesterday and today was a bit like that with team briefing, registration, swim course checking, training, checking out the expo and the the Opening Ceremony at the end of the day. Here's some photos and thoughts.
mates at registration. Registration was good, no qeues and no dramas.
Pontoon for elites and AG start. we start with a hand on the pontoon (no diving)
Opening Ceremony and the parade of Nations. Having been on my feet for a lot of time in the afternoon, I only stayed there for some time and the left for home, sofa and a meal. Didn't want to get too tired. 
Kiwi boys doing the HAKA, I'll do it in the closing ceremony, only if I'm proud of what I've achieved.
Last swim training of this campaign. I may sneak another session, but not a big one.  We're all looking lean as and ready to race. And we are all looking forward to hit the hungarian pastries right after the race, : )