Thursday, September 2, 2010

10 days to go

The day off was a welcome rest to "me olde calves", they were like to steel balls and a bit of resting and massage helped to loosen them up. One of the big improvements of this season is my enforced discipline when it comes to stretching. I've been doing a lot of stretching and strengthening of my legs and it seems to have made a really big difference. The body "feels" like breaking down, but it goes away after coming back home and having a shower.

It was good to focus on leaving everything at work ready for a break and use tomorrow to cruise back into a couple of more days of solid training. The last superset tomorrow will do some damage with 5x 1 miles to run, and a double whammy on Saturday with brick session in the morning and a short bike TT in the evening will be the icing of the cake.

As I said before, the body "feels" like breaking down but it is not, it's just getting there to where it can give it all on those couple of hours of racing. The line between the fittest one can be and getting burned out or injured is sooooo thin that some times one goes over it without realizing. That's when good coaching comes into place. I am lucky I have one.

some numbers for my later reference:

30 Aug - Swimming/running - 60m/65min - 3.1km/9km - season pb 200m in 2.30min
31 Aug - cycling - 70min - 38km -
1 Sept - swimming/running - 60min/70min - 2.8km/16km - season pb for 5km (17.25)

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