Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cracking the pace

As promissed, yesterday was a massacre on the windtrainer. Cycling was the only workout to happen and it was a long 1.20min session with a longer than usual warm up and then the VO2 session.
It consisted on a series of 3min workouts with 3 min recovery.
The trick was to hold a speed 3km faster than our 20kmTT speed.
I didn't take my Polar with me because I didn't want to see what my heart rate was, it was a workout and I would do it no matter what.
The effort required to pull that speed for the period of time was well timed, because bang on two minutes we'll hit a little was and rode onto the hurtbox for the remaining minute.
we did half an hour worth of that and another half of recovery.
A long sleep and I wasn't as bad as monday night, and the scheduled 1500m TT was skipped in favour of an endurance workout and practice of deep water starts.
The secret for deep water starts is to be as horizontal as one can be and tilted to a side, once the gun goes on, a power kick and 10 or 20 strokes later one should be in some clear'ish water and the race starts.
Wednesday is long run day, and our last long run consisted of a 20min warm up and then 30min just below the race pace, for me it was my treshold of 83-85% of my heart rate on my seriously tired legs.
I managed to do just short of 8.5km which indicates a good form for the race.
We're scheduled to rest tomorrow, and I will do so happily,
there's bike check to be done, new wheels to fit in, chat to the coach, travel arrangements, work stuff and uni stuff that should be out by tomorrow. Oh... and aero haircut, and some photos

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