Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Since we came back from Europe we're all over the place with routines. As I said before, there's pressure with the last weeks of uni, and there's not a programme to be followed, so it is all in random mode.
I was feeling like a swim, but never managed to get the timing right, and with spring in the air I jumped on my old faithful Avanti for an easy ride.
I got back at home at half five, and the sun was shinning nicer that any other day on the last 4 months. I just loved it, got myself a coffee and toasts and sat in the sofa reading until I fell asleep.

For the next weeks I am on my own programme, as we still have to catch up with coach and discuss my new plan. I don't change the routines a lot, but I can afford to switch things around and avoid any rain or cold. I've had enough of both. The ride was good enough and I could feel how loose my whole body is compared to a month ago. The back , the legs and the calves are like they've been re born!, they may be loving me at the moment.

It's haf seven and the sky is still clear, I'm gonna go fetch my wife and take her for fish and chips, but don't say anything... it's a surprise!.

Date: 28 Sept
Sport: Cycling
Comment: 2 easy hours in the spring sun.. an urban ride that took me all over the place, loved it!,

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  1. Amazing! Kicking back and letting life tell you where to go for a little while! Cool feeling isn't it!! It is great to enjoy it and go back to the training stronger physically and mentally! Great photo on tthe top of your blog! Cheers