Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Five days to go - Crap weather

I though I was coming to sunny, tepid weather of the european late summer. And I missed again. It's like we never left Auckland on the weather front.
Today was another day of travels, but I smarted up and organized to do part of the trip to the airport on the bike with our mate Camilo, whose place we're using as a crash pad for the trip. Then, as I read the program I found that today was yet another rest day!. Yesterday I missed the swim, and today I missed it as well. I'm sure now that swimming is the first thing I'll do tomorrow morning.
In the meantime I managed to do sightseeing and running all at the same time yesterday, while Nat and Sebastian walked around. You can spot my high tech gear, courtesy of Patrick. We didn't do a lot, I just tried to keep it short and sharp, but when the evening came I was ready for bed.
I hadn't had a decent sleep in the last 72 hours and the body produced serotonine to dope a rugby team. I was happy to oblige and got  completely asleep twice before dinner, then another one while having dinner.
Sports helps bringing back the endorphins and lifting the morale. Today I needed to go and do things just for that reason.

Tomorrow, thursday and friday are training days and I shall have the gang ready to rock, I'll have some more time to update this diary. And also to make sense of what I write, : )
Time to recover and have a healthy meal.

Food for the record: 2 pieces of fruit, one pot of yogurt, and some cereal clusters. One tall skinny latte, One pastry. Chicken wrap and a tuna&pasta salad.



  1. Great photo capturing the FreeYourself and background landmarks..gettin close!

  2. getting close! Wahoo! Trade that die coke for a Grolsch, more nutritional value! stay strong!

  3. Valen mucha fuerza y no le des bola al clima! Que casi tan cerca estamos, no llego pero te acompaño igual!!! besos!!