Thursday, September 9, 2010

a quick one before going 4 a swim

I made to Budapest!
After a good night's sleep I was up an running at half 7 yesterday. Took the tram to one of the training facilities and I started seeing all this fit people in expensive carbon bikes...the goosebumps started right there.
Got through the pool admission allright and met my mates kev and Martin, just by chance. None of us had a hungarian phone and we've been chasing texts thanks to Vodafone's crappy roaming service. Anyway, the pool was open only for the elites in the morning, we kind of sneaked in and got a free ride (well, not free, it wa 900 hungarian forints).
out for the run as per the tapper programme and then it was time to relax, try the local coffee and come back home to greet Nat who arrived just past lunchtime.
out and about with Nat, getting the bike together and back home for a nice evening with Rafael, a brazilian friend who's en route to Abu Dabi and stopped to see me race, how cool is that???
It just past 6 in the morning and I'm off for s solo swim and then a bike ride with my mates, more photos soon.
I've got a more philosophical post planned, and there's influence from Patrick's post from the day before but I lack the time,

stay tuned


  1. How the weather? Judging by Kev's, Martin's and Cath's faces, it's not exactly a scorching european summer? Good luck for the last few days, we are all counting back here in rainy old Auckland...

  2. What a great multinational event! So cool you made it okay and are ready to have a great race.