Sunday, September 26, 2010

too many eggs in one basket

the week that was was all about making up with uni (and to some extent work) which I had neglected over the last weeks. I had a test to do on the Wed. and an essay due today, and work on another one for next weekend. It was also good to put some order in the house and I even managed to so some training.
To cut it short, I haven't had much of a rest, but I've diverted some attention to the rest of my life.

I am not going to go on about how hard it is, because it is hard enough for everyone out there, and in the end we all find the time to do the things we want.

And in the meantime I managed to swim another 2.28 200m (just by chance) the other day and do some cycling and running.

Tomorrow I officially start the comeback, and in 3 week's time the season opens with a swim/run event. This blog is going to carry on, with some modifications, a bit more of photos and probably another name. I'm still bummed, but there's plenty of chance to redeem myself, and that's a fair enough driver for my future training. The plan was to come back from Europe, rest and recover and start prepping for an Iron-distance event in Wanaka, in the summer. But I've changed the whole thing.

I thought this year can be used to get more race experience, so I'm gonna leave the Iron-distance for another time and will be doing 2 sets of racing during the season. I've divided it into two blocks, the first of them is from here to the Xmas holiday and it's about racing for racing and training. There will be no tappering for the races and they are. 2xswim/run events 2xhalf ironman 2xOlys.  Then there's the Xmas break and the more serious part of the season: 1xbig swim event (10km) 1xSprint tri (nationals) and 1xOly (nationals), there's the chance of putting 2 aquathlon events in the mix but that's still to be confirmed. The big races are both national events, and it is a good thing that they are well into the season. I expect to be in awesome shape by then. If I place in any of them I can afford the luxury of another half ironman at the end of the season... we'll see how it goes.

I am going to be a busy man!,  I haven't still discussed it with coach, but hopefully we'll accomodate all in a 3 stages plan and not burn out. Work will be overly busy between november and Xmas, but sweet afterwards, so it should not pose much danger. Uni break till mid Feb is also in line with the plan. The blog will show how it all pans out.

I've been following all the cool blogs and I am looking forward to the final race reports.

Be safe out there, and train hard


  1. glad you are back safe and that the blog will continue on, was wondering about that. They've been showing the race on TV this weekend and man oh man what a beautiful place for a course...

  2. VFF = OK & fun to run in. Not really practical for me at the moment though,they beat the crap out of my feet and though I'd probably get used to it over time I don't really have the time for sore feet lately...