Friday, September 10, 2010

2 days to go - patience pays

My mum left a comment a couple of posts ago where she said I'd said one time 20 years ago that I'd made it to London to improve my english and now it all came true. Patrick's post the other day made another reference to how it turned out that the free yourself tee he got me had made it to london and how it represents a twist on his state of affairs from some years back. 
It all made me think how funny thinks work in life, and how amazing is that in turn, many things just happen if we have the patience to let them happen (and a bit of luck is involved a well) and the time to wait for them. 
20 years ago I was leaving childhood for something better, and the world didn't extend beyond three or four cities that I would travel to to visit family, spend a holiday or play football. London was a place in the map where I had no idea I would finish en route to race my race in Budapest. Many things changed, but the child of them is probably somewhere here with a big grin in his face. There's a lot to do with choices one makes and doors that one opens or closes for good, bad or different. We have a policy of no regrets, so there's mainly positives from most the choices Nat and I have made in the last decade. 
One of them was to stay in New Zealand, the other one for me was to start doing some more sports, which lead me into triathlon, which in turn lead me to being sitting here today, writing about patience in a dull rainy Hungarian noon. 
Back to the realm of triathlon, patience is also something one has to alway have in mind. Patience to go through the same routines again and again to get better. Patience to wait for the right time to do some real speed workouts and bring some new PB's to the table and patience to wait for the right moment to pass someone on the swim, or the bike, or the run. 
One can only be patient when one is sure things will work out OK. I trust my swimming, biking and running skills, and the competitions. I have trusted my coaches' program for the lead out to this race. I trust things will unfold in a way that it ill make for a great racing day out. I'm patiently waiting to cross that line and look back with joy, knowing I've come to the best of my potential on the day. And it will be fun.

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  1. got a quick minute at a computer! wanted to wish you an amazing kick ass race and experience! it is a huge accomplishment to be with the worlds best! KICK ASS and HAVEW FUN! Cheers!