Monday, August 2, 2010

the weekend that was

It has been pretty hard to make room for blogging over the past weekend, between my student life, my working life, my triathlon life and a bit of social life thanks to a visit from a dear friend from ARG.
With just over a month to go the workouts are becoming more and more intense, more intervals (swim, bike and run), more bricks (swim-bike-run and bike-run), more resting periods, and more time trials. All of them demand a big deal of rest and recover. And sitting in front of  the computer does not count as rest and recover.
In addition the working life is getting busier that it was planned, which is a real bummer.
But it's all ticking well,
Friday was swimming in the morning and sprints in the afternoon (200m run sprints is a workout that I never learnt to enjoy).
Saturday was a proper indoor brick session in hot and humid community gymnasyum (i probably lost 3litres of water during the 40min bike workout. It was over by 10 and coffee was due, we found a lil' new place that makes great muffins, photos coming soon. There was some study and sightseing in the afternoon.
Sunday was TT time, we run a course around the Auckland Airport, a popular spot among cyclist (the aiport loop seems to be a constant in many Auckland triathletes). Our course has a variety of features (flat, undulating, rough chip, smooth new seal, roundabouts, tight busy corners) and can accomodate any distance between 5 and 70km (I wouldn't recomend the 70km because it may get boring). It was overcast with rain clouds approaching and a solid head wind during 60% of the laps.
Sunday pm was time to catch up and study about the atmosphere moist in the air. I also had a tri club meeting. We are hosting the second edition of a duathlon event. We hire a car race-track, that has a horse race-track inside. there's a duathlon in the morning and a bike TT (individuals and teams) after the lunch break.  The first edition last year was a success and we'll be certainly building from that. Being a month of worlds, many athletes have the chance to do a minor race, and practice transitions.
Monday morning I had to do my swim at a different venue at a different time, I did shorter session and got a season PB for 200m (2.32). And now I am sitting in front of the computer again after a hard run session.

Hope you weekend rocked as well


  1. pretty much the same schedule, that is to say, busy.

  2. Nice intense interval training! its gettin good!!!