Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Banana deal

As I said on my previous post. I’m eating ALL GOOD BANANAS at all times now, I’ve forgotten about the rest and managed to get my local supermarket to bring them in.

There are many benefits from eating bananas, but the most important one is that the ALL GOOD BANANAS are great tasting, environmentally responsible and socially just, giving back a lot more than your ordinary banana.

So, as they are such a good bunch, I decided they would surely want to make a deal with me and we got to the following:

ALL GOOD BANANAS is making a donation to the Kids Can (stand tall) foundation. In exchange I’ll make sure they are in my photo finish in Budapest, and I’ll spread the message.

I’m name printing my uniform in the next week and I believe they are sooooo nice that they will be displayed prominently in my uniform and other gear.

So, help me, help others and be good by giving them a try. And let me know how you go!,

They’re really good


  1. sounds like a good deal all the way around!except I hate bananas...even the smell. especially the smell. wish I didnt I know how good they are for me!

  2. I eat a ton of bananas, I am going to see if I can get them here in Canada. Love the fact that you are making a choice for a great reason!~