Saturday, August 21, 2010

checking in

WOW... It was busy allright.
Due to the trip to Europe I had to bring forward a couple of deadlines at uni and it all coincided with a hard week of training and here I am. Three days where there was little time to do anything, even logging my progress on the road to Budapest.
I hadn't planned it to be like this, but life changes.. and there's little help in feeling bad about things.

So Wednesday was a double dip, thursday there was cycling and Friday another double dip. Today we topped it up with a moderate/hard brick and I just got up from a 90min nap.

I feel good.
Physically tired, but mentally all there in the day of the race. 

Today's brick was a bit of an experiment in the nutrition front. To get my body used to it, I'm woke up a couple of hours before the workout, downed two gels before my cuppa and two pieces of toasts with almond butter and honey and sliced ALL GOOD banana.  That's the champion's brekkie I'll have on race day and the same I had in the last 4 races. It takes a bit getting use to, but I haven't had an upset stomach in any of those races, so I trust It'll work. But as I said, we went "experimental" coach brought us some red bulls shots to try and drink on the bike. I drank the shot 5min into the 35min bike session and I felt a bit of a kick at the business end of the bike and certainly a bit of a burp at for half the run. All in all it seems OK but I still doubt the energy drinks. 

I've been trying to write down some thoughts about negative splits but I'll probably leave for next post.

18 Aug - Swim/Run - 60min/60min - 3.3km/16km - two swim 1kmTT (1min rest) 14.36/15.15
19 Aug - cycing/running - 75min/15min - n/a/3km - indoor hard set and T run
20 Aug - swimming/running - 60min/60min - 3km/n/a - SUPERSET (3'25'' kms)
21 Aug - Swim/Bike/Run - 25min/35min/18min / 1.5km/n/a/5km - I hate blisters!


  1. welcome back. Hope you had a good trip...

  2. thanks!, back to the blogs, but the trip is on two weeks

  3. Red Bull?! I am with you on the doubts, good expirement I suppose? Good training week once you had the time!