Sunday, August 22, 2010

Negative splits... and a new weapon

 Negative splits are usually hard to achieve for some. and I am one of them. Been able to do the second half of a swim, a bike or a run leg or race faster than the first half is something I am not quite bright at. And it is not for lack of trying. When doing workouts at a given HR band, going for a negative split usually means that I jump over the limits and I've been told off several times to do it again.
The typical negative split workout is on a 400m or a 1500m TT. I am good at starting and can do a decent first half, but I naturally tend to have a low period between 1/2 and 3/4 of the swim that affects my chances of negative splitting. I've tried to start slower and speed up, but the slow part is again to slow and I negative split with an overall slower time, so not great.
On the bike
Same as above, however I dont have low periods, I consistently keep good average, but lack the strength/endurance at the end to push a bigger gear.
On the run
I have a bit more of control in this front, but only on shorter workouts. I can negative split on a 5km or on a single km, but comes a 10km or a half marathon and I am fried.

There must be some kind of talent that I don't have. And talent cannot be learned, so I must adapt. Probably one year of neg. split training could bring the success I'm after. What I have observed is that IM athletes are more prone to negative split their races and workouts. But I haven't seem many IM guys doing 3min k's on the track. I'd say is probably more important for them that it's for a standard tri kind of guy. I'm just only digressing here, please take no offence you all in the IM world.

Anyway, I had it on my head for the last few days and more thoughts came my way but they've vanished. However an interesting development has shaken my beliefs:
A good friend who can beat me on any distance but sprint triathlons made me a very generous offer that I had no option but to take. He's a bit of a grown up boy with toys, and he lend me his lil' speed machine for my race in Budapest. To say the bike is in perfect nic is very shy. It has all the features that you expect of someone that cares about his gear. Tape in al the contact points, greased bolts on the right places. Shiny blue and black carbon everywhere and a setup that fits me very well.

So, after some basic fitting I took my friend's baby for a ride for today's 25km TT workout. I received all good comments from mates and coach so it could be said I was a proud triathlete in a miserable Sunday morning. The TT went OK for the conditions, but still 1min off my best time. The real bomb was that I negative splitted the whole thing!. The circuit is 2 big and 2 small laps. I did the second big lap (9km) 20secs faster than the first one and the second small lap 15secs faster than the first one. Without any previous plan or concious effort. I blame it on my improved ridinig position and the lack of numbnuts issues. I was happy OK after I checked my splits and I wonder how much better it could be if I had the bike for longer time. All in all a happy Sunday,
Thanks to my mate the frenchman and his generosity

Date: 22 Aug
Sport: Cycling/Running
Time: 150min (42.20)/12.30min
Dist: 75km(25.3km)/3km
Comment: another rainy TT, bring on the sun!

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  1. Querido Hijo: esta gran aventura que hace un tiempo has comenzado, éste gran cambio de vida y actitud hacia tu realización, la verdad me agrada y también me llena de orgullo cómo llevás a cabo tu trabajo, tu blog, tus entrenamientos intensivos, y tu vida de pareja. Mis mejores deseos en el día de tu cumpleaños, que sigas así, y que yo siga pudiendo leer en algun lado escritos, pedacitos de tus logros. Chin chin y... Good show. Te besa, tu madre.