Monday, August 16, 2010

The superset

I'm a lazy trainer. Contrary to the traithlon tradition of Type-A guys that break their nuts in each training session and keep overachieving I have a more relaxed approach to training and so far I have no regrets. It doesn't mean that I don't like training, but I prefer to have some perspective, and perspective is something that most type-A guys can't afford. Overall the results will eventually come my way and in the meantime I'm enjoying the jurney.

Anyway, it all comes to introduce the subject of this post, the superset is a hard set. Is not the type of set that I would go for if I was self coaching. But as I am not self coached, I am not longer the boss and the options narrowed to one.

The idea behind it is to increase performance under extreme fatigue. And by extreme fatigue it is not only the Everests of the heart rate zones but also soreness of all kinds from toes to chin. And a lot of sweat. Add the odd shower and a temperature of about 1OºC and you have your Auckland version of hell. In a productive way. It is four of us doing it and eventually I know most of the squad getting ready for big races will have to endure it. The total duration of the set is between 12 and 25min depending on the distance of the runs.

It breaks down to the following: 1 run at level 4 (5km race pace) - 4 sets of excercises (chin ups, squats, pressups, abs crunchies, burpies, dips, you name it) of about a minute each then another run at the same intensity, then another 5 excercises and then another run. Twice. We're starting with 1/4 of a mile run each series, and the week prior we reach the mile (at about 5.40 pace). The first day was a bit confusing trying to pin together the amout of reps for each exercise and other stuff, the second was a decent try and now we're kind of used to it.

I can say that it does live to its expectation as the runs are the shittiest ones I had in some time. And the soreness carries on from one superset to the other (3 or 4 days). Fatigue is everywhere, ha ha ha.

As this is experimental I'm not sure what all is going to end up with, but If I was a betting man I'd bet it will be suprisingly good. The proof is in the pudding and I won't have any until the 12th of next month.

Monday started with serious swimming and to top it up we had another Cooper's test on the plan. However, given that we are in a hard week coach decided to whip it up with a superset (900m runs) instead. The photo the TACT worlds squad getting ready for their session. the sunset and the marina are incidental, we hadn't notice them in the dark months prior : )
Date:16 August
Sport: swimming / Running
Time: 60min / 60min (30min set)
Dist: 3.3km / 8km
Comment: need bed. bye


  1. I am with you on perspective! We only have one go at this life and if we get to consumed with ourselves and out 'hobbies' it is not going to wait for us! The superset sounds like a fun workout!? My next go around for IM or 1/2 IM I will be adding more of that intensity type training. I am sure it adds to the speed at the end of the day!

  2. That is a killer workout! I totally agree about being relaxed about training. As a middle-aged guy trying to become fit again, I'm often tempted to ramp up the effort quickly, but I know that slow steady gains will benefit me more in the long run.