Sunday, August 15, 2010

3 intense weeks

That's what's left.
On the way we've made some progress, though.
Endurance: from April to now I've done roughly two months of base training and another month of strenght/endurance training. It's all there, the legs feel better that this time last year. The miles are the same but a bit easier to go for. Coopper's test results confirm is all on track. VO2 has gone to the upper 60's, whith still room for improvement (not a lot, though). I am losing some endurance in the swim, thanks to shorter sessions, hopefully I'm OK for 1500metres in the 20min mark.

Strength: Here is where I think I'm a few seasons behind schedule. I need to device the way to be a better rider against the wind and a better time triallist on ondulating terrain. But I've given a good shot and I'm satisfied some improvement has occurred. Swimming wise I've plateau-ed in a just above average cell. I'd probably do better with some more shoulder strength. Again, this is stuff for next season

Speed: I trust my coach can make good and fast runners. I'm well on track besides a little hiccup and a few seasons of year-round swimming helped me to maintain a bit of an edge in speed. The bike is not the brightest but it has not gone backwards.

Nutrition: is all being practiced and tested. should come up together nicely on the day.

Gear: I am still accepting TT bike donations, racing flats and racing sunnies. I could also do with a transition backpack.

Logistics: this was a fun weekend organizing tickets, apartment and other stuff. It is all confirmed and paid for. Mates that we made in our stay in Alaska are coming to see the race. Mates from training will be there and we even managed to through a one day trip to Paris on the cheap. The only downer is that my hungarian hasn't come up to speed : ).

On the training front there's been a lot of stuff done, the main point would be the introduction of the SUPERSETS, that I will speak of in tomorrow's post.

hope you all had a great Wkeend!

13 Aug - Swim/Run - 60min/60min - 3.3km/Superset - Friday 13th with no suprises!
14 Aug - Swim/Bike/Run - 20min-35min-20min - 1.5km/n-a/4.5km - the hottest more humid brick ever
15 Aug - Bike/Run - 150min (70min)/16min - 85km(41TT)/3.5km - I almos got a DQ for cutting corners on the TT.


  1. Down the stretch! Keep the strong training going

  2. sounds like things are all coming together as planned! following your training and progress has been great watching the growing intensity is awesome! keep going strong!