Thursday, August 12, 2010

Product review - All good bananas

Nat and I try to be as good consumers as we can to reduce the environmental impact of our choices and trying, where possible to give a hand as much as we can. None of us is a fundamentalist in the field, but where possible, we make the fairer choice.
A couple of months ago we discovered All good bananas in our local supermarket. Being marketed as NZ's only straight bananas, we bought to give them a try.
These guys have a pretty good concept, sell bananas and ensure the profits reach the producers in equal shares as they reach the middlemen. They took some time to set up the chain, but now it works OK for the producers, for the people that sells them in NZ and I'd say for us as consumers as well.
Contrary to other fairtrade products (coffee and chocolate, for example) these bananas are same or better than the regular philipines or ecuador bananas we buy in our supermarket (fairtrade cofee or chocolate sometimes is not as great tasting) and even better, they are free of agrochemicals.
In terms of pricing, they are not that far off the mainstream bananas ($3.50 for half a dozen vs. $3 for half a dozen) and most of the bunches I've seen don't bring the noughty black banana hidden in the middle.
The arch of the banana seems to be according to the standards provided by the international mathematical union in terms of the progression of the angles. The yellowness complies with NZ standards and the smoothies taste good according to me, so all in all it's a good product.
I'm rating these babies 5/5 and I'll buy them again and again and again. Hope the ones of you that live in NZ do the same, everyone counts to make a bit for a better world.
In training news, we've received the last bit of programme leading to Budapest. It looks tiring enough and has a few new additions (supersets and motor vehicle pacing) which will be fun to watch. Wed. was the usual swim and run. I tried new gear arrived from the states. I'm so surprised with the quality of the fabric of the free yourself tee that I may use it on top of my race suit, he he he. 
Today and tomorrow I'm running behind schedule at the office, so may not appear on the web for some time. 
keep training hard and racing harder, 

Date: 11 Aug /// 12 Aug
Sport: Swim/Run /// Bike/Run
Time: 60min/72min /// 70min/11min
Dist: 3.3km/16km /// n/a / 2.5km
Comment: I'm training tired and I can feel it. It is a good sign.


  1. Keep kicking butt! And yes, you are right the FREE YOURSELF tee is both comfortable and motivating!

  2. Shirt looks great! I buy dried flattened bananas, so they are always uniformly good.