Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I did the easy bits

Even though is an easy week, I'm tired and wanting to go to bed.
I thought about the last three months and compared them to the same time last year. Workouts have certainly become more sofisticated this time around, and my commitment in time has increased.
There is also more personalized stuff and more interaction with the coach.
I think next year I will probably skip worlds, so training in the winter will be all about the long runs, bikes and swims and speed will be a thing of the future.
Which brings me to the topic of today.
In the past 12 or 13 weeks I did the easy bits. It was tiring, and demanding and many sundays I would have chosen a different thing other than a bike ride, but it was easy and enjoyable (most times). In the next 4 weeks (this one doesn't count because it is an easy week from last Sunday till next Saturday) the time commitment for workouts and recovery will be bigger, and priority #1 after Nat.
It becomes difficult not only for the "dig it up" attitude needed on a daily basis, but also for the need to keep walking in tha line that borders burnout, injury and peaking before time. This is the time when having a coach comes very handy, and keeping to the right numbers in the heart rate is the key task.
One of the easy things was to get fitter on the bike; the long rides and the tour and club racing helped me built a pretty good base and I am happy I can hold myself among a strong group of riders. The difficult thing is to gather all I can from that fitness pool and use it to develop better time trialling skills.
Other easy thing was to get decent speed in the running tests and sprints. The difficult thing is to keep that speed consistent for the whole of the run leg in a triathlon. Or at least to know it is there
Training is easy, racing is a different game. I'm getting there, though.

Date: 3 August
Sport: Cycling
Time: 60min
Distance: n/a
Comment: windtrainer session with no run after.


  1. you are most definately gettin there!

  2. Balancing training, stress, and injury prevention - tough to do when the going gets tough. The fact that you're aware makes it likely you'll keep the balance.