Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today's inspirational post

Sponsored by Nat.
It was my thitieth birdthay and Nat got me a nice photo collage of me racing. It hang out there next to my bed for a couple of  years and now it's on the dressing room window.
Anyway, I was coming from my bike ride today and got a glimpse of the photos. 
Next minute I am looking at each of them and remembering old races. It is quite amazing that only 4 years ago I was completely ignorant of many of the joys of this game.
That was all i needed to be a happy man, and get even more in race mode.
I'll share parts of the collage.


  1. closing in !

  2. Hola, en compañia de tu "sponsor-esposa" TAUPO,te espera y no será nada facil, pero tu garra, tu trabajo de entrenar,y tu sana juventud se aunarán para darte la nueva categoría. Desde casa trataré de seguirte y ver tu llegada, con éxito. Besos, abrazos fuertes y mucha suerte. Te quiero. Amorina.