Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OK, finally. An update

It’s about 18 days to race day and it is all pretty much downhill from here. Overall I think it has been a good 8months plus of consistent training. I was browsing through my log and I managed to do in this period, more 100km plus rides than ever before. I also achieved the longest times ever on my bike (7:15:00) or running continuously (3:40:00). Not bad for a rookie.

From a volume perspective I think I ticked all the boxes.

From an intensity point of view it looks like I’ve taken it too easy on myself and I haven’t done many of these rides or runs at averages close to race pace. There are a few environmental factors to take into account (mostly shit weather and lots of hills) but it is still a worry. However it is something that today I cannot control (i.e. There’s no time machine that I can use to change the past) and I won’t lose any sleep due to it.

From a go out to the races point of view, I am so looking forward to March 3. This season has been pretty sparse on the racing front and I almost forgot how good it is to be out there trying to get from A to B as fast as one can. I have gone through the gear, the nutrition, the course and so on a few times in my mind already, but the next two weeks are to get even deeper into in and have every detail picture.

I also raced. 10 days ago there was the National Sprint championships, that I didn’t run but did an oly distance event instead. The Erin Baker Memorial Triathlon in Kinloch.

The swim
Was not good. I mucked around too much at the start and didn’t position myself in close enough to familiar faces or feet that would help me through. I spent a good amount of energy trying to catch those feet, but it didn’t quite work in the end. At 500m I was already a good 40secs down of whre I should be. And I’ve lost the train.

The bike
I was not going to let a crap swim ruin my day, so I hopped on the bike with the idea of keeping a good solid pace and be passed by the least number of people. The course goes up for 10km and then comes down. I was never to go over 85% of my heart rate, according to the coache’s instructions. To my surprise, I was passed by a bunch of 4 or 5 people, but I passed a similar amount of guys through the leg (probably worst swimmers than I that I never see?)

The run
I had free reign on my run, as long as I negative splitted it. It’s 4 laps of an undulating course with elevations in the order of 3 to 5 m overall. I did the first lap in 9:20, the second and third in 9:15 and the last one in 9:04. A good negative split that put me as #12 overall and a vote of confidence to my legs.

As I said at the beginning, I miss being out there racing, so let’s get all that good vibes ready for 3 March.

Stay tuned,


  1. nice run!!

    exciting you are under 4 weeks out!

    how bout Docherty running down Lance?!