Saturday, February 25, 2012

One thing that I was cautious about is the diet.
The face of dissapointment
The last 4 weeks I've trained in the region of 20 hours, and since last Sunday things went back to 50% of that or less. Although appetite curbs down, it does not so at the same rate as the decrease in exercise.So I made sure I got plenty of veggies in the fridge and chose all snacks carefuly. I even bought light yougurt (which I hate because it's runny).
It has worked allright with the exeption of a fish and chips evening that we couldn't avoid.
One week out from the big day I am happy to see my shape is "race shape" and I don't look as starved as distance runners do. I have a good balance of bony and chunky areas. According to Nat my butt is too big, but can't do anything about it now.
And the good thing is that I cannot change much in the next 7 days.
Training wise I had a dissapointing Thrusday, as I was meant to do a 2000m TT swimming, which I was hoping it would go under certain barrier. And it didn't. I'm not sure if the fact that I didn't wear a wetsuit is much of an excuse, or that it was laps instead of out and back. What I was happy about, tho, is that I still managed to finish a respectable 15th.
Today is day off so it will be all about movies in the park.
Stay safe out there

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  1. timely post ...I must get BACK onto the straight good 95/5 good to bad ratio diet wise

    1 week!