Thursday, March 1, 2012


There's only one more hour of training to go. Tomorrow (Friday) we'll be getting together with a few Ironrookies and doing a 20-20-20 of each discipline.
We got to Taupo at midday today, just in time for a nice meal @ Body Fuel, a coffee shop popular among visitors and full of triathletes at the time of our stop. 
I made sure I packed everything, Including my wife
The town is buzzing big time.
For those who don't know it. Taupo is a 20.000 people town next to the biggest lake in the middle of NZ's north island. Major holiday spot and very well served.
Anyway, got registration out of the way, visited the expo to spot some bargains and went to our rental to set up and put the feet up.
I am as ready as I can be. There's a few things that are likely to happen
Leaving home with a happy face
Wind - Rain (not showers, rain) - Cold (low 10's C). I have trained in worst than that. Rotorua half was a cold race and I got the best bike split in an half iroman. I am as ready as I will ever be.

A bit more to come later today or tomorrow morning (incl. some photos)
The view from our living room

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  1. Good luck mate!!!
    sounds awesome buzz in town before race!

    you've got the game to hit your goals whatever conditions are race day - eespecially with all the training in all types of conditions and that Rotura half.
    be sure to post a bib#- not sure the time differential, plus I'll be travelling Saturday but would like to check in if I can -