Sunday, February 27, 2011

The people of Christchurch

There is one thing that has dominated daily life in NZ for the last 5 days. It's the terrible tragedies brought in by a massive earthquake in central Christchurch, in the south island of New Zealand.
As I grew more and more familiar with this country I learnt that Chch is not only the most important city of the South Island, but home of many great personalities in the sports, businesses and the arts. The one thing I got to know is that people of Chch is tough, they are as hard as they come and their rugby teams are usually top contenders everywhere (that's a big say in a rugby mad country as this one). That is usually stuff of joke when many city boys from Auckland complaint about a bit of cold weather.
This time around the people of Christchurch needs as much help as it can be, they are going through tough times. We all have done something, but if there's space and time in your schedule you could make room for any of these two initiatives that will do their bit.

First one is this coming thursday, the TACT PURE BLONDE SERIES is on, and all of our entry fees are being donated to the Christchurch Earquake appeal fund. If you are in Aucks, come around to Point Chev beach and do a workout while helping out.  Another incentive to come to this one, race sponsors Pure Blonde will pitch in with a 6pack of this low carb beer to each entrant of the race.

Secondly, the guys at Hot Potato have organize a virtual 5km run to raise funds. Check them out and help them out, we can all help and it will be welcome

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