Thursday, March 3, 2011

in the hurtbox

yeah.... it is one of those weeks in the year where I am in the hurtbox.
the programme reads "hard week", whic makes it harder is that it is coming on top of an already hard week that involved a 40km TT and good running as well.
I'm 9 days from the A race date and I should be close to the top of my fitness. the last couple of weeks (well, actually since the Kinloch race) I have come to the realization that it has been really easy for me to het in the hurtbox during those key workouts. Probably the best learning of the season so far.  There is a fine line between being able to access the hurtbox and smashing every session and ending up with burnout sindrome and It looks like I've managed to get the point.
Monday was a double whammy with 3 200m swims under 2.30 (which is good time for me) and a superset with a couple of 3.30min/km. Tuesday was a PB on the 25km TT and I backed it up with a decent 1500m TT at the pool.
Top top things up I started my new job on Monday (I got a promotion) and I also started two papers at uni.... it's been a very long 4 days, but I'm in goods spirits.

Keep tuned for Pure Blonde race report

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  1. looking forward to the build up and race report to your A race.