Sunday, March 20, 2011

report from a week later

Well, it's been and gone...there is only one more race, the aquathlon national champs in a week's time, and the season will be officially done for me.
At the moment my life is divided into three workstreams, the work-workstream, the uni-workstream and the training workstream. Each of them has their own timing and each of them require a fair amount of my awake time (40-20-20 hours). The magic is to somehow coordinate them to sync their disctintive ups and down in a manner that minimizes stress. When that doesn't happen I'm in a kind of limbo. The next three weeks are one clear example. Although I could start my off season next sunday, I will continue to train at the same levels until mid april.
The uni-workstream dictated that decision, as I have a break that I will use to travel to Argentina without suffering in the academic front. I have no races targeted in Argentina (yet), so it will be a proper break since the week after worlds. The motivation between now and then is to keep fit and lean, and continue to strengthen my core and legs, not a great motivation, but better than nothing.

On the training front it was a flexible week, with a couple of decent workouts, the first one was a 5k'er on the pool and the other one a good 90k ride with hills, the rest was at a turtle's pace and with lots of thinking in the middle. The thoughts were probably influenced by the Abu Dabi race and were about extraordinary things and lifting the middle ground. I'm still working the wording out in my mind and will have really exciting and breaktrhough teori for you all,

On the racing front, my mates Oli, Ro (4 races in 8 days), Josh, Marie, Nick and Gordo were out at the races, I made my trip to cheer for some but not for the ones racing on Sunday.

Have an awesome weekend,


  1. man that's some time management, how do you do it?

  2. keeping fit and lean....working on core and legs...these are fantastic goals!