Monday, February 21, 2011

Three weeks to go

Friday I was given the final part of the programme for the oly distance national champs.
i realized it's less than 20 day to race day and I got a strange sad feeling, like saying goodbye to a good friend that's out for a long trip.
Anyway, I was sad for a bit and the next minute I was busy trying to translate all the scribbling from my diary to the coache's format. Trying to merge the writing that took me 5 weeks to put together into a spreadsheet is a bit of a mission, but I think I'll be done by mid week. I have to provide comments and perceived effort for each and every session, and then we'll check if I've stuck to the programme or not and what trends come in.
Then it was work, and training and sleeping (friday) and training and more sleeping and chilling (and some darn good baking on Saturday) and training and off to the races (on Sunday).
This time it was not me racing, but going to cheer my mates Gordo, Ro, Josie, Alesha and watching the pro's race on the city centre at Takapuna beach, a great city spot and a great race in baking hot conditions.
in the battle of the sport drinks  Mizone beat Powerade

Bev Docherty beat Kris Gemmell on the final sprint and they showed how much of a leap there is between the first and second tier athletes in the sport. I think it's good and it should keep all of the guys on the second bunch hungrier and more determined to get there and kick ass.
Back to my favourite subject (me and my training), there was a couple of nice surprises in the programme, like 2 Sundays off and a week with 2 days off in total... this is a first time ever kind of thing, so I thought I'll have to celebrate it by sleeping in.
19 days to go, I won't probably get any fitter than I am now, but I should get faster, and leaner, and more determined than ever to get to the podium.


  1. Docherty just keeps going and going! These last 19 days are the time to hone your mental edge.

  2. crank yourself up ... and let it rip on race day!

  3. sounds like you are trackin!...