Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ready to be fried

Another fast week has passed. The sprints nationals race was followed by a hard week of training (hard in volume and excertion) and work did not leave a lot of room either. Add to that a mate staying at home and you get tired... really tired... hence the lack of blogging. 

The first news would be the arrival of a new gear bag, thanks to the helping hand of Shaun, one of the mates from Monday running and the MGR pool. He's a cool guy who also helped us when we were fundraising for our Europe experience.I turned up to training on Monday and he asked me if I still was chasing a free bag. it turned out he has a spare that he got as a spottie on a race some time ago. this kind of little things are the ones that make many of our training groups and clubs so cool... everybody is always happy to extend a helping hand.
Then there's the development of the week. I didn't sleep as much as I wanted but still managed to nail every session as per the programme. The coolest one was the Friday sprints (200m x12) which were all in virtually the same time and in a nice progression of heartbits. This is going to be the fourth time we've gone through a scheduled and periodized programme. Every time I pick more and more signals that can help me tell where I am, and on this date I can honestly tell that I am ready to be fried. There will be 20odd days of mostly hard work in the water, the bike and the asphalt. I am ready for them and I don't know how much I can give. That's a great morale booster and makes things much more easy. 

I have to say that there was a day off in the middle of the hard week. Day off are good to catch up with resting and eating, so we did make a visit to Alesio's in the Posonby food court. The pizza was inspiring to say the least. This was followed with attendance to a nutrition seminar that almost made me feel bad about it, but instead brought us to buy a big pot of nutella, he he he. 
Overall, a great week with a new bag, pizza, good training times, nutella and a day off... IT JUST DOESNT GET ANY BETTER!

Oh.. yes. It does. I met another mate, Oli, on the third on my long ride today, we went on for almost 2 hours. Oli is a long distance man, but he's yet to do an ironman. We were riding with his wife Sue, who is 4 weeks out of race day (IMNZ) and among the chatter we agreed that being solo on the IM rides in NZ sometimes is a bit of a bummer. So I said that I will have those questions answered next year, as I plan to do the event in 2012. It just happens that Oli will be doing it as well... and we're of similar abilities on the bike, so my Ironbuddy maters are sorted over 1 year before the race, and 3 months before I even start training for the event.

Hope you're having a great weekend out there. 

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