Wednesday, October 20, 2010

no more excuses

I realize that sometimes I am full of them. But it's about time the break from blog-oh-land is over. Interesting things happened between last tuesday and today.
Fatigue caught up with me on Wednesday (my long run day) after the big miles ride. I enforced a day break for Thursday, which turned out OK because there was a bike ride planned but I found myself with no bike.
I had my bike on Trademe for some time and finally got to sell it. Whoever bought it got a very good deal because the old Avanti Quantum was a really good bike with nothing to envy to more famous and expensive models. And I took reasonable care of it.
So I'm bike hunting, I've gone to all the bike shops of the city and the suburbs. I think I may have some more new on that front tomorrow.
We got Nat a new bike as well (we're no longer going to go to the same swim squad so she can't car pull with me any more)
We had the tri club AGM and my mate Gordon was elected president. Gordo and I are fairly new to the sport and fairly new to the club commitee as well, but he's very good networking guy, hard worker and with enough dedication for sports.
Im gonna extend a bit on that topic. for the ones of you that haven't attended an Annual General Meeting, it is quite a formal exercise due to regulatory requirements. One gets the impression to be living in the dark ages, however it is important to have them to check the health of the club. In my opinion we are now 50/50. With many challenges ahead and decisions to be made about what can be done to engage more and more guys to dedicate a bit more time to the club and make us GREAT.
Why should they make us GREAT? because in less than 2 years we'll be the centre of the triathlon world for a week or so. Auckland will be holding the olympic, paralympic, and sprint distance world champs as well as the aquathlon worlds. Even though the event will be managed by the national body and probably a private event managing company there is a chance for us to leave a mark in a lot of people's mind.

On another note, the official start of the season is tomorrow Thursday, the pure blonde swim-run series is gonna be the first race for many of us, but not the only one, there is the Kohi swim series, the traditional stroke and stride and a few others. All of them short events, but really good opportunities to socialize, make an impression, beat your mates and get beaten. I'd love to have a bigger wallet and support all these events, but I may have to content myself with doing a pic and mix for the next three months.


  1. Always fun to shop for a new bike, but never fun to get rid of an old favorite.

  2. Official Start of the Season!!
    love the comment "beat your mates"