Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Between two tides

I wish I had 6 more hours each day. That would allow me to get some extra training, and also some extra “us” and “me” time. The sad true is that there is plenty of catching up that I’ve been doing and I’ve also found myself trapped between two tides.

On the one side there’s 4 to 8 more weeks where I could really benefit of putting big slow-ish miles on the log and working on strengthening my shoulders and core for the harder part of the season after the Xmas break. On the other side, I’m more prone to get sleep-ins and not to take the training sessions too seriously for the rest of the month. This happens naturally and it has happened in the past as well, it’s the body and mind going on a “sleep” mode for a bit to re charge the batteries and start again.

But with a half IM in 5 weeks time, there’s a lot to juggle in trying to get it right while being conscious of not over doing it. It is a fine line and everyday I have to think on my feet to make each session count in a positive way

The first thing is not to do anything anaerobic for the month of October. I’ve used all my “level 5” miles for the term and it will be wise to start collecting some more for when they count (i.e. Nationals). That doesn’t mean that I cannot be one inch below the anaerobic threshold and train in there for the more demanding intervals or strength/endurance sessions.
The second matter is to start the new season diary and keep some content up, which I have been neglecting.

The past week was an adjustment week, I came back to doing two sessions a day for some days but I also took extra days off when needed. The highlight was a 4hr ride on the hills of the waitakere ranges in preparation for our next adventure (this coming Sunday). The start of the season road trip to Coromandel (180km of riding on a Sunday morning and a ferry ride back to Auckland).

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  1. Véo que aún pesan tantos huevos en una canasta, the job, the collage, y tu religioso entrenamiento. Por eso te digo: Pon en marcha el carro, que los melones se acomodan solos. Jaaa... Y no olvides lo principal "tu chica de la camarita" Chau, que siga buena tu ruta. Ma.