Monday, February 17, 2014

Good bye Auckland: Let’s race

(posted post-move... funny how things actually pan out... more to come in the next post Hello Wellington: let's train

So, we’re moving.
An opportunity came out of nowhere and it was a good one to grab, as a consequence our whole household of two will be moving to Wellington in a few days.  In total, there was 40 days from inception (note the pop culture quote here) to big roadtrip day. We’re now somewhere in the middle. 

Endurance sport is somewhere in the middle, not in the foreground but not in the background either. There has been packing, planning, selling, buying and there is a lot of goodbyes to make with all the lovely people of Auckland who’s been nice to us.
Before the big news the plan was:  Race Rotorua Half (see previous post), tramp around the south, Run half a Hillary Trail (see another good post) and race Auckland 70.3, then go on a training binge until Tarawera Ultra.

After the big news the plan was: Race Wellington triathlon, Race Tarawera Ultra.
What really happened was: Race Rotorua Half, tramp around Ruapehu, run for a team for Tauranga Half, get a sneaky last minute entry (as someone else) to Auckland 70.3
It’ll be an understatement to say it was a busy few weeks. But at the same time it has been rewarding in many aspects that affect race performance:
  1. I have slept more
  2. I have trained fresher
  3. According to my latest coopers’ test (see a great post from 2010) I have also reached an excellent standard of run fitness (a good VO2 number that I won’t put out because I’m too modest)
  4. I have got a lot of love from friends feeling happy about our big move
With all that in mind, I’m getting ready for the race in two days with peace of mind that things are were they should be and I am saying good bye to Auckland in the best possible way… swimming, biking and running all around town.
Keep tuned for race report :-)

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