Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Auckland 70.3 race report (I know... a bit late, aye?)

Let’s pick up where I left out. It was a sunny Saturday in Auckland, and we went to transition to leave the bike.
Looking good at the start
The next day was a stunner, with great weather and a big sun. Water and air tem were on the hot side and the swim-bike-run was hot too. The first leg was a PB for me, with just over 26min to do the 1.9k, the bike was one of the worst starts I can remember for a race. But it got better towards the end, still, a few minutes longer than the previous year. The run was hot and I did not switch into aggressive race mode, it was more of a soft run. I knew from the start of the run that it was unlikely I’d be PB-ing on this one.
The final result was a race 3min slower than last year. With a lot less training and a lot more suffering. I still loved it and could not have wished for a better farewell to Auckland.  Soooooo looking forward to come back, though.
Looking not too fast

With the race done and a relocation of our home for the last 8 years in sight, we went into full packing-moving-finding a house mode. There were a few farewell dinners too. And a lot of work at work too. Let’s say it was entertaining and certainly not super-focussed on training. Between the race and the 5th of Feb there were a few runs, swims and rides spread randomly. I still call that training, though J.

We arrived to Wellington on the 7th of Feb and I went into full training mode for Tarawera on the8th. There was no hiding when you lack training on a 100km course, and there was a lot of cramming to be done. Keep tuned to the progress report

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