Thursday, November 25, 2010

what can I do?

after a busy weekend with a double whammy on Saturday (brick session in the morning, long ride in the afternoon) and Sunday off with Nat just arrived from Argentina, I was happy to go out swimming on Monday morning. 
The reason is that this is the first hard week on the programme since October, and I've been missing the hammer sessions. Monday's swim was certainly challenging but it's out of the way now.... so all good. The running session was a beauty, 6 hill reps at level 3/4 of the heart rate. 
Tuesday was a bike TT but Nat got sick and I had to look after her, so it didn't happen, then another hard swim on Wednesday and back home.
I soon as I finished breakfast I knew I was more tired than usual, and two hours later I was in bed with fever. It turned out that for the first time in ages I got sick. The rest of the day was miserable, and I just got up to more misery, I'm going to the doctor now and see what's the story. 
I was suposed to race on the weekend, there's the first race of the national series, but I'm afraid I won't be a starter. 
On the bright side, there's plenty of books to read and a couple of good movies to catch up with. 

Stay safe out there


  1. Sucks that you are sick but I can't really argue with the books and the movies, either...

  2. That sucks ! Banging on the training sessions though. I'm really jealous of the swim time. I have to get back into putting in the water time. Get well and revitalize. Fluid,books,movie repeat. It's another form of Triathlon. Hope you succeed.

  3. Get decision making with the proper rest...

  4. Rest, rest, rest. You may be able to race but it will take you twice longer to recover. Look after yourserlf ... Je.