Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home Sweet(s) home

What a busy week!,
The day that was (Saturday 2 April) was a great day out. We had amazingly clear skies and no winds, the ride was long and tiring, but a nice thing to do. To top it up, on the way back we saw this

After that I had a week with 2 exams at uni. and after that a 16000km trip to small town Argentina (photos soon). I´ve been now enjoying the hospitality and the two things I miss the most, bread and pastries in all their varieties and combinations

I managed to go out running a couple of times (in two days) and got hold of a bike, so we´ll probably have some fun as well as R&R.

not a lot more happened.... but watch this space as my mate Geoff is getting a step closer to crossing the cook straight!

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  1. Well at least I'm not alone. I'm eating ice cream while looking at your plate of pastries.