Monday, January 17, 2011

Che Guevara, chickens crossing and mate

The track on a Friday morning

It was the end of a hard week of training. Although it was not hard week as as a hard week would be, the increase in intensity of the workouts and coming back to double shifts after the long TT of 10 days ago did take a toll. I had a sore lower back for three days, something that I do get every now and then and I just noticed it coincides with these transition periods.

I was glad to see the weekend and had no plans other than train and be at home reading and watching some movies. Saturday was time for brick sessions and we started to polish specific skills for the upcoming races, the weather was just perfect and made for an ejoyable experience in the water and on the roads as well.
the rest of the day was a bit of housework and Argentine chorizo for a friends B-Day

Diego, the asador
Sunday was a long solid ride with Martin, he and I did a two person TT a few months back, and this time around I proved to be a good hanger-on, taining him on is scheduled 3x20min TT efforts. I didn't have a free ride, though, I covered two two minutes shifts, on the head wind. On the top of the Twilight hill (that's a proper name for a hill) we had to stop at a chicken crossing.

Argentina: Mate rules

The rest of the day I laid on the sofa, resolving an Inspector Montalbano case and watching the movie about Che Guevara. The movie triggered a homesey feeling and I made myself a full kettle of Mate. Mate is a hot drink that is cooler than tea or coffee to many people in Argentina, paraguay, Uruguay and south of Brasil. There is no better laxative than a cold mate, and no better companion for a long afternoon of nothing much. The downside is that I got swollen tummy and felt pretty average for the rest of the night.

that's my 2005 model

it proved to be good rest and I am back 100% we'll have to see what the HR data shows for the week ahead.

Speaking of the week ahead. Tomorrow is the last of the swim-run part of the Pure Blonde series, if you're in Auckland c'mon in, it's your chance to swim while a tropical cyclone sweeps the country!


  1. Twilight Hill - so what team are you on, Edward or what's his name?

  2. Love chorizo. Waffles too, actually.